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Why do you need to avoid grapefruit or grapefruit juice while taking Diazepam?

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Inactive 27 Nov 2011

Hi Ashleyhart. The two don't have any negative interaction. It might be that its the vitamin(s) contained in the grapefruit, and or juice that has a negative impact on the diazepam itself or within your body. Thats my best guess. Best ask your doctor or pharmacist what, if they think theres a reason why they can't be mixed (if there is). Best of wishes,

Inactive 27 Nov 2011

By negative interaction, I mean theres no reports of the two having any. If there are, and it could be, they haven't been reported to date. My guess in regards to the vitamins, is just that.

TBLJR 3 Jan 2012

As far I have researched, grapefruit juice heightens the effects of Benzos; making them stronger because the body absorbs more of the medication. I have tried this combination and it does work to some degree. I have never heard of it being dangerous, though everyone reacts to medication in a different way. Hope this helps your understanding of why it says not to take grapefruit juice with Benzos. free discount card

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