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Why do women catch BV?

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Inactive 5 Jun 2011

There are 6 or 7 bacteria and one protozoan, that can all be considered the infection of Bacterial Vaginosis. There are only 2 that are sexually transmitted from that group. The vagina has an eco system of bacteria, both good and bad that keep each other in check. If that delicate balance is upset, then the bad bacteria grow at an alarming rate and the symptoms of bv set in. Hormone shifts that occur during menopause and peripause can cause this as could simply the ph of the vagina changing. If you will go to and read Dr. James Christian's article on bv, it will make a bit more sense. If a person get the protozoanal infection known as the "Trich," that is sexually transmitted and both partners need treatment. I think the other sexually transmitted form of bv is gardenella, but most of the time it is simply an overgrowth of one of the bad but naturally occuring bacteria in the vagina, is more a sign the ph is off in that area. If you ever have to treat with the flagyl pills, do NOT drink on them, you will spew and sick up terribly. And that also usually indicated the Trich infection. The intravaginal gel, metrogel, tends to cause a yeast following its use, so, get some diflucan pills or monistat to use after the course with metrogel. free discount card

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