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Why do we need support groups for Fibromyalgia?

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Inactive 26 Aug 2009

Why, because it is a nasty frustrating illness/disease. I have been only battling it now for a year, after they finally diagnosed it. I also have Lupus and now I have rheumatoid arthritis. I'm in constant pain all the time. They have been trying numerous "Cocktails" but nothing goes right.

Its' nice to come to a group of people that are going through the samething to see if anyone else is going through it. Maybe you can get other ideas from people.

Do you suffer from fibromalgia?

mslee83 26 Aug 2009

I second that Missy! Before I found this website I was really down in the dumps... thinking why me? Now I see that its not just me, and fortunately that makes me feel much better. People, like myself, have spent a lot of money and a lot of time knowing that something is wrong with their health but having to go through many, many doctors. I am happy that there is a place such as this! I am also able to find better treatments and other ways to feel better.

sadieNleroy 26 Aug 2009

I'm going to third this opinion. Just like everyone that has Fibromyalgia,I myself also suffer! We need all of the support that we can get. You have not idea what We deal with on a daily basis, That is unless you have it! And by the sound of it you don't!

Inactive 27 Aug 2009

Thanks you guys for backing me up! Life with Fibromalgia is a constant battle. Today i'm having a flair up and can barely move. It is taking me forever to move around or even type this message. So its GREAT to hear from other people to know that I'm not alone!! Thanks again :)

inpain777 29 Aug 2009

because other 'normal' people have nooooooooo idea what we go through moment by moment. i really wish people would educate themselves on our disease..especially family members !

2bpainfree 31 Aug 2009

I'm new here. I tend to drift in and out of message boards and some days I'm too sick to even manage to sit at the computer. So bear with me please. I know you all can understand.

I've had FM and related probs for probably most of my adult life looking back. I'm in my 50's and was just diagnosed maybe 5 or 6 years ago.

We need each other to lean on. As stated above, no one can relate unless they have this. It makes it even worse that we may not look sick at all and also have "good" days or weeks so we are often perceived as not really being sick or suffering.

Low energy to some people = laziness.

I know I carry around a lot of guilt about it all... if only I could do more... and over doing it on my good days... worrying that my husband will get fed up with it all... and much more.

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