seen a different doctor this month because mine was out sick.last month she took the soma's from me stating that since they were so addictive the office wouldn't give them no more .this month the doc i saw gave me soma's but took my ultrams and fentanyl citrate from me and lowered the fentanyl patch to 50mgc from 75mcg's i was on and he took the oxycodone 5mg's and gave me 5 of tabs!why would he do this ?i was on ten mg of tabs before they changed after my back surgeries!

i am not like this not knowing what and how much you are going to get month to month !but i am at the doc mercy !been thinking about talking with my family doc to see if she would handle my pain meds ! no i haven't dine noting wrong just tired of not knowing what i'll get and how much is it going to cost me ! i'm on disability and have to budget my money ever month!

here i go again just sprouting off !but i need so relief !my nerves just can't take this !i asked about something for depression cause i feel that i am!what my nurse case worker suggested he wouldn't give due to it might hurt my kidneys !i'm grateful that he is concerned but this was a 3 fold med .depression'fibro'and headaches !

well i've said enough for now !thanks for reading and any comment you leave !