I have noticed a very interesting phenomena with myself, and I'd like to know if you all have noticed this too. Going back to me younger years, I reckon the first opiate I ever had was Codeine, as in Tylenol # 3 & 4. Then I had Vicodin which is Hydrocodone. Next came Percocet and my all time favorite opioid drug, the infamous Oxycodone. Now to the best of my chemistry ignorant mind, these are all related to Codeine, and may be even derivatives of Codeine. All these drugs agree with me. But further, they now say these drugs are derived from a part of the poppy plant known as The Baine. Interestingly, Buprenorphine also comes from The Baine. And as we know, me and Bupe are a hit. Bupe seems to really cure what ails me. So it seems to me that anything that comes from the Baine is good for me. But Morphine does not come from the Baine. I don't know where it does come from, but I don't think it's the Baine. Morphine kills pain just fine for me, but mentally I become depressed. I also know that Methadone, which is synthetic Morphine, is very bad for me. It's a disaster in me. So I think Hydromorphone (aka Dilaudid) and Oxymorphone (aka Opana) are very closely related to Morphine. So wouldn't that mean that long term use of Dilaudid or Opana would probably also make me depressed and maybe worse? Anyone brilliant here with Chemistry?

And what about the rest of you? Have you noticed anything like I'm saying?