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Why do pain management clinics drug test for marijuana?

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LaurieShay 30 Apr 2011

Hey dootsie,

Because it is an illicit drug and they are liable for your health and wellbeing. I know it doesn't seem like it is that big a deal, but when the DEA is breathing down your neck, you are very careful to take drug abuse seriously. I suppose they figure if you are likely to use marijuana then you are more likely to abuse other drugs as well. Just my thoughts,


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Buddy1971 30 Apr 2011

It might have something to do with the rules those places have cuz there are alot of "BAD" Pain Management Clinics out there that are in it for the$ & that might be another reason,if u get kicked out you usually have to do there assessment again(usually a couple hundred$) Then they(at least with Methadone) they drop your dose but the price is still the same so less meds same price means there making $ there too. Some are legit,but pot & opiates are a world of difference & they may have to enforce it because contrary to popular belief POT IS STILL ILEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES!! Yes California passed a referendum but federal law still trumps all state laws if they violate federal law.

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doglover44 6 May 2011

I agree that they are looking to judge your character and think that you are a bad guy for breaking the law which makes you a bad guy all around. It really is ignorant.

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doglover44 7 May 2011

Buddy just got me worked up again over the whole drug war issue, and I want to add that it is such an embarrassment to live in California after having the chance to vote pot legal was not snapped up. What in the wide wide world or sports happened there. I could go on but just leave it at ditto Bud. free discount card

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