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Why do neurologists dont like giving fioricet? Can it harm ure body?

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DzooBaby 21 Feb 2011

I'm not sure why they would be reluctant to prescribe Fioricet. It is a pretty mild drug. It does have Butalbital which can be mildly addictive but there are certainly a lot more drugs that are worse. For what reason are you asking for it and also how old are you? That may have something to do with it.

Cathleen186 21 Feb 2011

It's been around a while. I can my mom taking it for headache about 30 years ago. It seemed pretty harmless, but I don't know, I'm not a professional. All I know is my Mom would never take anything that was dangerous or had weird side effects

ukliz 21 Feb 2011

I had been taking Fioricet/Codeine for years until recently when I saw a Headache specialist for my Migraines. After that visit with him he stopped me from taking the Fiorecet ever again he said it wasn't my fault but it was causing part of my headache problems. But I must admit Fioricet worked for me in the past and it was great for getting rid of the headache.

DzooBaby 21 Feb 2011

Did he think it was due to rebound?

ukliz 22 Feb 2011

I think so, but at the time i hadn't slept for 2 1/2 weeks and had to have someone come with me from re-hab to take the info for me because I was still not right from the Steroid treatment.

Inactive 22 Feb 2011

Fioricet is commonly given for headaches ie Migraines ( or was) A Neurologists may not feel that the problem is being diagnosed while on this drug, plus the info below came from info on Fioricet:

Nervous system
Nervous system side effects including drowsiness, lightheadedness, dizziness, sedation, and an intoxicated feeling have been reported frequently from the use of butalbital. Headache and seizures have been reported infrequently. Mental confusion, excitement, or depression have also been reported due to either intolerance (primarily in elderly or debilitated patients) or due to an overdose of butalbital.

ukliz 22 Feb 2011

I do remember the Headache specialist saying something about causing headaches but to be honest I took them as needed which wasn't all the time, plus I was on 30mg capsules.

Inactive 22 Feb 2011

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