Why do my feet and hands begin to throb with pain, like I have just walked across the country when i stop my pain meds cold turkey. I have never heard of someone's hand and feet hurting so bad as a side effect and one of my main issues with doing this pain killer withdrawal cold turkey is the strange "jolting of energy streams" running through my body arm and legs. I know it is called restless leg syndrome but is there a restless arm syndrome a is it norma to have this annoying energy jolts running through your body? What is the best herbal way to treat this or any way to treat this. I just hope i can make it through the mental part i just want to get stuff done so i want to take some or buy some but then it's like viscious cycle. I can;t seem too make it past day 2 ugh... will it ever end. Any secrets or mind helpers besides the thomas recipe etc?