I've been asking this question in one form or another. It will be 4 weeks since I started my sub program. IS IT THAT MY BODY JUST ADAPTS TO EACH NEW DOSE AND I REALLY DO NEED MORE OR IS IT MY MIND PLAYING TRICKS ON ME?
I can't differentiate my cravings from other type of withdrawal symptoms. I think that is the basis of what I've been trying to say.
For those of you who are, still are or have successfully been on sub I'd like to know just how much does suboxone 'cover' you.
Why I am still feeling cravings? Is my addictive mind playing tricks on me? I am supposed to learn to live with cravings? Every day isn't all bad, for sure. Most of my days I am really enjoying. But I do experience, to some degree or another cravings after a three or more days on any given dose. I'm on 14mg. I am not coming off something like heroin. Just an every day high dose of percocet.