I'm talking about getting too much information, or more precisely opinions of suboxone.
As we all know the varying opinions of the pros, cons, how much, how little, to take are plentiful on the internet.
I'm pretty sure I've posted on this same topic before. I feel angry and embarrassed I continue to repeat this behaviour.
It is so tempting to research and found out more about the sub we're taking. I've always been of the belief educating oneself is a good thing.
Then I read something which is totally opposite to what I am doing

OK, less is more, right? Well, I'm not practicing that train of thought right now. I just want to get over this hump and start decreasing.

What I read was anything over 4mg a day cover receptors which could potentially create feelings of ill-being and even depression. Now I have never heard that before.
Anyone else heard what taking higher amounts doing this?