... They say they dont want to kill your liver but I'm popping all these pills wouldn't 1pill 4 times a day be better if it was strong enough I get tired of 3 in the am 1 in afternoon 3 at night b12 1 month 4injections in the back 1month 1 shot of avonex a wk they want me to take vit d and multi everyday I'm 35 my med cabinets bigger than my great grandma she is 97 I dont mind taking things I need but this is a lot sorry 4 complaining but its after 2 am I can't sleep thinking omg I tell the dr ill have to take another pill isn't there just 1 I can take? He says dont wanna get me addicted or kill my liver it just seems all this is gnna make me addicted and kill my liver if I'm gonna kill my liver id like to enjoy it with a nice margaritta haven't had 1 in a year to much meds so early in the blogs you talked about diet dr pepper persnally I drink coke and pepsi never diet that would kill me lol I'm mean without it