... pain and multiple spinal issues? Prior to my car accident i had 0 drugs 0 alcohol for 24 years. Afterwards, i followed the doc's orders to take 1 or 2 if needed. i was in rural town, storming out, couldnt go to the hospital and ended up taking 2 times 3 a day of my 5mg vicodin cuz my spinal syrinx was really causing pain plus my whole body from the spinal discs multiple issues. when i finally made it into the doc i told them i was out, it was 5 days before i would be out of meds. they have penalized me since and i been opioid ineligible since 2004 and continue immense chronic pain. they give me non inflammatory only now my stomach is paining and i have utererus cysts whilch i will have surgery for in two days. i really need help, i am on SSI and medicaid, can i go to a pain clinic? any advice?