I was on suboxone for 2 1/2 yrs started on 20 mgs a day,my program was court ordered due to alchohol abuse,this quack put me on suboxone,and basically got me hooked on an opiate.wanna talk about pissed. i tried 15 to 20 times to get off of them.two days was the most i could ever go b4 i would break down and start right back up. ok now to the positive and reassuring part of this comment. i came up with a game plan. what foods to eat: proteins,potassium,electrolytes,lots of water. and lots of prayer and positive thoughts knowing and saying this too shall pass.I was also at the same time withdrawing off benzos and adderral. I stopped at 8 mgs a day 12 days ago.the third day was hell the fourth day I totalled my car rolled it nseveral times,luckily I only got a small laceration on my head. ok back to positive what im saying is how bad do u want it,I wanted it bad,I went to work eveyday 10 of these 12 days have been spent at work driving 55 miles one way,only to perform new construction duties of a journeyman plumber on limited time restraints(In other words I had no time to feel like shit,or I would no longer be employeed).I am also split up from wife u name it bad is happening to me but here is the kicker to my story through all this hell i am now doing much better,so to all those out there that don't think its possible,believe me it is it's how bad u want it,you really gotta want it.GOD is the only thing that got me through it pray pray pray!!! Good luck to all struggling it will get better.It's no walk in the park,but just think each 24 hrs i get through this the closer I am to being chemically free. Everyone can do it I promise and so does GOD!!! ~!~