I have been on methadone for several times in the last 12 yrs,120mgs for 4 yrs,90 mgs for 3,and now im on just 40-50mgs/day.I tried suboxone after being off of 120 completely(in rehab in Mississippi)for 14 days and it made me feel just weird and bad headaches,then about 2 yrs later i got off methadone again completely for 53 days and was given suboxone another try and yet still it made me feel very strange and still the headaches BUT both times i was given 16 mgs a day and this was in the early days of Bup and i am wondering if i try again at a MUCH lower dose what will it be like,Do u think i was on TOO MUCH bup.I was in FULL withdrawll the 1st time and thought i was just on too much meth but the 2nd time i was off meth for almost 2 months and just using oxys and tabs for 2 weeks,I REALLY WANT OFF THIS METHADONE,BUT DO NOT WANT TO FEEL WEIRD AND AWKWARD, Any suggestions???