I had to go to pain mngmt due to opiate dependency during pregnancy to get on Suboxone. While I was there I indicated my panic attacks that I have had for years were getting worse and asked if there was anything that I could take. Well he put me on 2mg of klonipin 2xa day. I never took the 2nd one only the one at night to make me sleep. Now I am reading about "floppy baby" syndrome and all of the major risk of taking this med while pregnant. I am now 28 wks and so far by ultrasounds and bloodwork my ob/gyn says that all is ok... but how am i not to worry? I know about all of the risk of The sub's (not to worried about that) but alll the reading and research i have been doing on klonipin is really just kicked in when i seen this site and seen it was a class D and now i am freaking out... please help me understand why he perscribed this medication knowing that it is harmful... my baby seems to be doing well although i have noticed not to be as active as i had expected for a 1st pregnancy and i am scared to death. Please no one that is going to be judging me to answer, just people with information or simular situations... thank you and God bless all and HELP!