I am really losing my mind! I was so proud that In I week I thought I could kick,all hydro and drop down to 1 1/2 ultram and 2 soma .I feel like I had a mental break down today .and now I had 2 take 2 /5 mg. Val since 9am. I so don't want to go up but I need advise.I look really bloated in the face and sleep is less than 3 hrs a nite.I am so stubborn I don't want to go up again.but 2valium before 2:00 1 x 5 hrs.I can barely write this let alone take care of my chores... forget the leg and pain please don't tell me to call my dr. I fired him!so sorry not doing my share rite now and I just can't stop beating up on myself.please no subs.miss u guys,c