i am a 26 year old man, very high cholesterol, have had a lot of stress the past month and am prescribed Tramadol for back pain. the other day i took 250mg of Tramadol via pill, 3 hours later i ate 200mg more, so 450mg in all. about an hour later i had 2 seizures and was taken to the E.R. Doctors said it was grand mal seizure, they did not know i was taking Tramadol. i was embarrassed that it may be a possible overdose. i know that in the past my body has not had problems taking so much dosage of tramadol and also am aware that does not mean i am not susceptible to overdose. this was the first time i have ever had a seizure, no seizure history. could this have been a tramadol overdose or seizure brought on by a lot of stress? i made appointment with my doctor next week but right now he is on vacation. if this is a tramadol O.D. then what is the safe recommended dose? i'm sure 450 mg is way too much, even if it is spread out between 5 hrs.