When u have issues? I have bulging disc, degenerative discs, fibromayalsia, diabetes, arthritis, etc.. I can't detox off of anything, i have no choice but to b on painkillers and muscle relaxers, but they dont help except make me more irritable when im out or close to being out! I have anxiety bc md will not refill or im told i have to go c pain management and cant seem to get in to c them bc they deny me as a patient. I haven't been able to get into c a pm for 4 months and my pcp will not prescribe narcotics, y do they get u started and just as quickly when ur used to meds cut u off? Definitely now fair or logical! Is there anyone in this world that can understand or that u dont have to tell ur health history to b4 they'll do anything? I went to one pm and saw the pa and they took my $ but told me they couldnt help me. WTF?! The balls! Then had the audasity to tell me to make another appointment, for what?