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Why depression is formed? what is the excect treatment of depression?

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christineATU 30 Jan 2011

Hi fayza, no one knows for sure why some people suffer from depression. It could run in families, affect people differently, millions of people suffer from this condition/disease. Below is a link that explains the different therapies available to treat depression. Hope this helps.
best wishes,

Inactive 30 Jan 2011

Great info Queenie!!!

smileyhappy 30 Jan 2011

I agree with Christine. You never know where depression comes from but it is very important to be treated. Treatment is the first thing to getting better. You should have a psychiatrist for medication. A psychologist or some kind of psychotherapy, for talking. I get both with my psychiatrist but alot of them just medicate. It takes time to get better. But time will heal. Good luck and take care of yourself. I'm here if you need me. I'll friend you.

LaurieShay 30 Jan 2011

Clinical depression (depression that last longer than several weeks and adversely affects a persons life style as opposed to just having the "blues") seems to be a chemical imbalance in the brain. There are chemicals that "run" the brain called neurotransmitters. They are serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. Antidepressant medication affects the action of these chemicals in the brain.

Are you or a loved one having trouble with depression? Medication and talk therapy may well help. A psychiatrist is the best person to evaluate the situation.

God bless, and keep in touch with us,


Cathleen186 30 Jan 2011

Depression runs deeper than sadness for me. It's a terrible feeling of worthlessness, hopelessness, sadness all the time, feelings of guilt, not wanting to be around people, and more, but there is hope. I found relief through medications (SSRI like lexapro), abilify, neurontin, lamictal. I also do the talk therapy and that helps a lot, just to get things off my chest because I tend to hold "it" all in. keep us posted on how things go. free discount card

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