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Why can't I use regular polysporin in my eyes?

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blaze22 7 Mar 2011

Because of the ingredients that are used for one medical use is not for another... That is like trying to wear someone elses prescrip glasses suffering from the same diagnoses with sight and it does not work... there is polysporin specifically formulated for the eye itself which is so unique and sensitive within it's genetic makeup and nothing ever should be used in the eyes, ears, or mouth that wasn't meant to be there... saving time, money or a trip to the store when it comes to your eyesight is foolish all around... get the necessary medication meant for the eyes only... Do not use these types of medications which are meant for skin infections, abrasions, bites etc. blaze22

blaze22 9 Mar 2011

Dzooybaby, is correct also... please do not chance it, if you haven't already... not good... blaze22

DzooBaby 7 Mar 2011

Regular polysporin is not formulated for use in the eyes. Eye meds are made to emulsify quickly to disperse across the eye. Also regular polysporin is not sterilized for the eye the way eye preparations are. free discount card

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