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Why are they taking demerol out of the ER's? It's the only thing that works for my migraines?

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oxyaaron 14 Feb 2011

It is being replaced be medications with fewer side effects such as dilaudid.

caringsonbj 14 Feb 2011

Dear Roni2002,
I wasn't aware of it but come to think of it this drug isn't mentioned around the hospital like it use to be, I had severe migraines when I was in my teens I would have to go to the emergency room and usually they would give me 50-100mg of Demerol plus so much Phenergan for nasuea and vomiting, my condition was different than yours what I started to notice was that after an injection my headache would come back sometimes it was so severe I thought it would kill me, then I would have to return to the ER, they would look at me kind of like they wondered, but I started a log and I would record every time I made a visit what they gave me and how I reacted, I finally got a doctor that found my medical problem, I was away from the emergency room one day I was at the hospital, during that time I had made so many visits until they knew me by name, one of the nurses asked me I haven't seen you in a long time, I replied its a good thing I realize the staff was only trying to help me but I needed help in another way. I needed medication and am on medication, I have Chronic pain that has nothing to do with the headaches and I am so thankful for the change, I in no way am saying this is your type of problem I suspect they have found over time there are better choices of pain medications that they can give and be effective, Demerol has been around for a good period of time, It is however my hope that you find something that will give you even better relief, its frustrating when you go through headaches like that and then think about having to make changes, I truely understand, it's something that makes you wonder what to do next, I do care and I hope that they are able to give you even better care, things may even be better than you anticipate, I surely hope so P.S. if you ever need a friend to talk with I am on here my first name is Billy and my site name is , I have friended you and am willing to talk if you ever find the need to do so. free discount card

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