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Why are recovered alcoholics not to take narcotic pain meds?

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DadsWatchinU 5 Dec 2009

There is no such thing as '' RECOVERED ALCOHOLICS '' the term is recovering alcoholics, and that is the reason for no or at least avoiding narcotic pain meds. The fact that you even ask the question leads me to believe that you are not truely in the recovery mode. Addiction is a life long aliment or however you want to refer to it, you never recover, you can be in recovery, but to recover, would indicate that the illness was over and that is not the case for an alcoholic, or an addict of any kind, so you have to be very careful for the rest of your life. Please be very careful with any mind altering drugs, including pain medication, sleep medication, etc., they can destroy the recovery you have achieved. God Bless & Good Health... DadsWatchinU

Inactive 5 Dec 2009

Well said 'DadsWatchinU' You are right on the money. Thanks for putting it in the correct context. janet1940

kimmie1 5 Dec 2009

Alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease. My Doctor once described it to me as having diabetes. He also told me that it is hereditary. In my case, my doctor is partly the cause of my addiction as he is the one that prescribed the medication. He tells me that I am not an addict, but rather my body has become addicted to the pain medicine. I will never live a life without chronic pain so in my case, call me what you will, but I will not or have no desire to live a life in chronic pain... Sorry, I do not mean to offend anyone who is trying or has gone through recovery (by the way, I tried that too) and is a recovering addict, or whatever. My hat is off to you. There are some folks who really need that. But just to clarify things, there is a need for people who really suffer to take narcotic pain meds if overseen by a doctor.

DadsWatchinU 5 Dec 2009

Drug dependent & drug addiction are two entirely different things, many are dependent upon narcotic pain medication for chronic pain, this dose not make one a drug addict, so if I indicated that I do apologize! I personally am very aware of the need for medication for chronic pain and fight every day not to abuse medication, always thinking just a little more might help... but I have seen to many cases in the pain specialist office turn from paitents to addicts and I do not want to be that person. I live everyday of my life in pain, not one minute of the last 15 years have I not been in pain, so I do understand the need, but please understand where I come from... if you look at some of my support groups you will see some of my post... my family has been destroyed by addiction, my husbands daughter, a once beautiful girl, I love very much, went from pain meds to methadone clinic and I know both worlds very well, so I guess sometime ...

Psychmajor 5 Dec 2009

if your taking it as a medical necessity and non narcotics do not work what so ever then it is okay to take these meds but you have a high likelyhood to abuse the drug and usualy results in relaps to alcohol in your case. basicly you switch your addiction from alcohol to opiates in cases like that.

also i believe you can get control of your addiction while still taking narcotics BUT it takes a very long time and a LOT of psycho/cognitive behaioral/social skills/ect training to attain this control with or without a narcotic. but almost any doc or recoving addict would disagree free discount card

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