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Why are gp's reluctant to prescribe benzodiazepines?

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DzooBaby 16 Sep 2011

Many Drs are reluctant to prescribe them. Mainly because they are so addictive is the simple reason.

auntniknik 16 Sep 2011

Why will they prescribe Alprozolam, (Xanax)? The first doctor that diagnosed me with FM also had it and he was convinced the combination of Valium and Flexerill was the only thing that would help! What is the main difference between Valium and Xanax?

skins1970 16 Sep 2011

Thats a good comment. My doc will and does prescribe me both valium and serepax but when i asked to get xanax he went berserk. He needed a xanax I know of rehab clinics here in Australia that wont take you to get you off methadone if you are on benzos which i think is stupid because when youre coming off methadone i think a valium here n there could be crucial in helping you as you reduce. When i went into rehab to reduce off methadone, wowza what a trip of an experience. You couldnt even get a simple panadol and on top of feeling like crap and youre body feeling like a truck has hit it, you were expected to write essays and the chores were never ending but absolutely No valium ever and if you tested positive, see ya later thanks for coming. I lasted all of four days. You werent allowed into your room to ly down until free time which came at 4pm until 5pm.

Inactive 16 Sep 2011

DzooBaby is right, and also they now have to have you sign a contract to prescribe these meds. You will also be required to take a urine test to make sure you are taking them & not selling them. New FDA rules. Alot of doctors do not want to be bothered with all the new paperwork, tests, & training they must take to prescribe benzos...

Inactive 16 Sep 2011

Hey Mary. I did not know that. Ha! Learned something new. I don't care for the benzos because of my own track record with them but none the less, always good to know. Times have changed. Well, take care my friend and you also DzooBaby, feels like an autumn day here, finally :-0) Fresh pot just made.

Inactive 16 Sep 2011

Love the Autumn days! A cuppa sounds good right now too Pledge! Was only 37 here last night. Brrrr.I love it tho' Have a great evening... Mary

femmy 18 Sep 2011

I have been on valium for over 5 years and I have never had to sign a contract or get urine tested.

Also, wanted to add that doctors are relunctant to prescribe benzos these days because of what DzooBaby said, addiction, but also because the withdrawal symptoms can be severe and life threatening without a medically supervised taper.

auntniknik 16 Sep 2011

Hey Mary, hope you're ready for a good weekend! They are getting reluctant to prescribe anything because of all the regulations put on them!

Inactive 16 Sep 2011

Don't I know it. That's how I found out about my xanax prescription. My doctor has been prescribing it for years. He's a internal med & allergy doc, but takes care of most of my scripts so the records are in one place. When I couldn't get a refill over the phone (or the drug store) found out I had to take a pee test, & sign the contract. Had an appointment the same day with my new pain doc, & had them take over the xanax with my oxycodone so I wouldn't have to take a test in both offices. Hope you have a great weekend too auntniknik! Heck, I hope everyone has a good weekend... free discount card

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