About 6 years ago, I was diagnosed hyper, did the radio active idione treatment and now hypo. I'm a 54 year female. I went from 134 to 175 in all those years. I've been constant on 0.075 mg Synthroid all that time with NO problems except the weight gain. Over a year ago I started exercising again and went down to 145 lbs, at a very slow rate lost. Decided it was time to stop smoking with the help of Chantix(smoked about 10-12 a day). Today makes 114 days smoke free. But now I am lathargic everyday at around 2-3 PM. I have gained 12 lbs (which I hate 157lbs now). I know that quit smoking initially can also cause weight gain, but the sleepiness I know is caused by the thyroid desease b/c I still exercising and doing even more. My blood work is normal says the PC doc with TSH at 2.41. Just wondering if I should asked him to add some T3 also.