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What are the withdrawal signs for cymbalta?

This question has also been asked and answered here: Cymbalta Withdrawal: How to wean off Cymbalta?

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27 Sep 2010

Both physical and psychological symptoms can occur when Cymbalta is stopped. Based on clinical studies, symptoms of withdrawal from Cymbalta can include:

* Dizziness -- up to 12 percent of people
* Nausea -- up to 6 percent
* Headaches -- up to 5.3 percent
* Unpleasant sensations (such as tingling or burning) -- up to 2.9 percent
* Vomiting -- up to 2.4 percent
* Irritability -- up to 2.4 percent
* Nightmares -- up to 2 percent.

When withdrawal symptoms begin and how long they last vary. In general, withdrawal symptoms can begin up to a week after the medicine is stopped and last from a few days up to three weeks. If the medicine was stopped unintentionally, symptoms will improve once the medicine is started again.

Hope the infor helps? Take care, be well & safe!

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27 Sep 2010

You can look up Brain Zaps or Serontonin syndrome on for a list as well. All antidepressants should be tapered down, the doctor or pharmacist can help you. will also have some videos about various withdrawals from various antidepressants, just put Cymbalta withrawal, quitting cymbalta or serontonin syndrome into the search bar. If a videos is too scary and frightens you, simply go on to one more positive. You will be able to find ones that help and support those going thru cymbalta withdrawal. Stick to those. Please call your doctor to help you get off of this medication comfortably and safely.

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27 Sep 2010

Sometimes you need to taper off very slowly. Ask your doctor about trying various things like every other day for awhile and then the same with a lower dosage. I had all of the gruesome side effects, but I am ok now and you will be too. Just hang in there, it will be kind of rough for a little while. Some people are able to go off with no side effects. I was one of the unfortunate ones, but doing just fine today and you will be also.

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