I have lupus anticoagulant and am very symptomatic. It was though I was having TIAs and was on a whole aspirin and muscle jerks, MS like symptoms due to thickened blood. When I bled, it clotted almost immediately. Aspirin helped dramatically with the neuro symptoms, but my migraines increased and after a while and it felt like the aspirin was not as efficient as it once was and I began to get mild imbalance and muscle jerks again, as well as inability to focus.
I was recently taken off of the aspirin and placed on Aggrenox 25/200 2x a day. I feel it is helping most symptoms and even my breathing is better, like a weight is off of my chest (I'm asthmatic), but I do feel different off of my whole aspirin, and it could just be an adjustment on the new drug. My question is, I know the 25 is the aspirin in each dose, but is the dipyridamole an antiplatelet also (as well as a vasodilator)? I'm worried that going down from a whole aspirin to 50mg of aspirin is not going to be a sufficient antiplatelet. Thank you in advance.