I am in need of some muscle relaxers and pain meds. I've been out of pain meds for 3 weeks and some days I still need some. The pain is from a VERY bad back - lower with a tear, herniations, etc. and had 2 fusions done on cervical spine (most recent within last year). But I also had a bilateral mastectomy (with recon) 6 months ago (I've been released from that surgeon and he's far away).

My question is who should I go to? My spinal doctor (I need another injection soon), my primary care doc (who knows ALL of my history) or should I go to a pain management doctor? Advise?

Brief background: 42 year old mom to 3 young boys. Within the past year I've had breast cancer (with bilateral mastectomy), spinal fusion (c-7-8), hysterectomy and appendectomy. 2011 wasn't my year. :P I also had c5/6 fusion done 10 years ago. My lower back has a tear at L-5 (I think that's right) and sciatica pain as well. My back is messed up from a very bad car accident in my mid 20's.