This is a question posed not to judge or evaluate, but rather as a sort-of "how-to" for someone who accidentally walked into the nightmare that is methadone and it's hellish half-life which makes withdrawal seem like an eternity. For those of you who have some experience dealing with this particular drug, please leave the language simple enough that the average non-medical degree individual can understand what you are saying. I have found this drug to be highly effective in the treatment of chronic pain especially if you are busy and cannot stop to dose every 4-6 hours. But... And they don't tell you this when you first begin to take it (at least they didn't in my case) that it is very difficult (not impossible) to discontinue this medication, so your best friend becomes your worst ball and chain! I won't argue it's effectiveness, but once on it, it's as if you are signing a contract but you didn't read the fine print before you signed otherwise you may not have signed. I guess that all depends how much pain you have been suffering through and for how long. My arthritis was worsening and I was up to 10 ibuprofen a day and still no relief in sight. I then switched to tramadol and that worked until it didn't work and then I found methadone and I thought my troubles were over. Ha! Little did I know that my troubles were just beginning! What is your story and how did you deal with it?