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Who could tell me that what pill can cure Rhinitis?

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Inactive 6 Apr 2010

Long answer:

Your search for Rhinitis returned the following treatments.

Mucinex D Oral
Mucinex D Maximum Strength Oral
Carbatuss-CL Oral
Capmist DM Oral
AlleRx-D Oral
Cheratussin DAC Oral
Clofera Oral
Z-Cof 8 DM Oral
Crantex Oral
Mucinex Cold Oral
Liquibid D-R Oral
Beconase AQ Nasl
Maxiphen DM Oral
Tusso-DMR Oral
Ala-Hist DHC Oral
Deconex IR Oral
Phenylephrine-Hydrocodone-GG Oral
Maxifed DM Oral
Wal-phed Oral
Zotex-GP Oral
Maxiphen Oral
Tussi-Pres Pediatric Oral
Mucus Relief Sinus Oral
Triaminic Cold & Cough (PE) Oral
Gentex 30 Oral
Notuss DC Oral
Vanacof DX Oral
Ambi 60PSE-400GFN Oral
Exall-D Oral
Tussin Oral
Phenylephrine-DM Oral
Nasal Decongestant Oral
Giltuss Oral
Ephedrine-Guaifenesin Oral
Carbatuss Oral
Supress DX Oral
Mytussin DAC Oral
Ru-Tuss DM Oral
Broncotron-D Oral
Triaminic Cold/Cough Oral
Despec-DM Oral
LuSonal Oral
Despec-EXP Oral
Donatussin DM Oral
Donatussin Pedi (reformulated) Oral
Robitussin Cough & Cold CF Oral
Maxifed CD Oral
Mucus Relief PE Oral
Maxifed (IR) Oral
Maxifed DMX (IR) Oral
Poly-Vent IR Oral
Poly-Vent DM Oral
Ambi 40PSE-400GFN-20DM Oral
Ambi 40PSE-400GFN Oral
Ambi 60PSE-400GFN-20DM Oral
Tenar DM Oral
Vanatab DX Oral
Medent-PEI Oral
Corzall Oral
SudaTrate Oral
RespiVent-D Oral
Pseudoephedrine-Guaifenesin Oral
Pseudoephedrine-DM Oral
Phenylephrine-Guaifenesin Oral
Phenylephrine-DM-Guaifenesin Oral
Guaifenesin DAC Oral
Albatussin SR Oral
Albatussin Pediatric Drops Oral
Albatussin NN Oral
Pseudoephedrine-DM-Guaifenesin Oral
Dihistine Expectorant-Codeine Oral
Pseudoephedrine-Codeine Oral
Pseudoephedrine-Codeine-GG Oral
Triacting Expectorant Oral
Tussin PE Oral
Pediatric Cough & Cold Oral
Beclomethasone Diprop Monohyd Nasl
Despec Oral
Tussi-Pres Oral
Robitussin Pediatric Oral
Guiatuss Oral
Guiatuss DAC Oral
Altarussin PE Oral
Congestac Oral
Decongestant Cough Oral
Phenhist Expectorant Oral
Robitussin Ped Cough & Cold Oral
Triaminic Cough-Nasal Congesti Oral
Robafen CF Oral
Tussin CF Oral
Rescon-GG Oral
Vicks Formula 44D Oral
PanMist DM Oral
Primatene Asthma Oral
Guiatuss PE Oral
Triactin Oral
NeoTuss-D Oral
Giltuss Pediatric Oral
Giltuss HC Oral
Tusnel Ped-C Oral
Novadyne Oral
Ru-Tuss Oral
Albatussin CF Oral
Tussafed EX Oral
Sinuvent PE Oral
Vicks DayQuil Oral
Phenyleph-Carbetapentane-GG Oral
Dimetapp Cold-Congestion Oral
Tusnel Pediatric Oral
Triaminic Cough Oral
Triaminic Chest-Nasal Congesti Oral
Nortuss-DE Oral
SINUtuss DM Oral
Tusnel-DM Pediatric Oral
Phenylephrine-Codeine-GG Oral
Suttar-SF Oral
Suttar-2 Oral
Conex Oral
Pedia Relief Infant Oral
Cold & Cough Oral
Expectorant Oral
Cough Syrup Oral
Phenylhistine Oral
Theraflu Cold-Cough Oral
Tussin Pediatric Cough & Cold Oral
Expectorant Max Strength Oral
Cough & Cold Oral
Children's Sudafed Cold-Cough Oral
Brontuss SF Oral
Gilphex TR Oral
Giltuss Ped-C Oral
PanMist S Oral
Pseudoephed-Dihydrocodeine-GG Oral
Tussin Cold Severe Congestion Oral
Pseudoeph-Carbetapent Tannates Oral
Phenylephrine-DM-Na Citrate Oral
Non-Drying Sinus Oral
Pseudo DM GG Oral
Pseudoephedrine GG Oral
TriTuss Oral
Phenylephrine Tann-Guaifenesin Oral
SINA-12X Oral
Dihydro-GP Oral
Zotex Oral
Nortuss-D.E. Oral
Phencarb GG Oral
Triaminic Softchews Oral
Tussin Cold-Congestion Oral
PE-Carbetapentane-Pot Guaiaco Oral
TRISPEC PSE Pediatric Oral
Wal-Tussin CF Oral
Wal-Tussin Cold & Congestion Oral
Wal-Tussin Cold Severe Congest Oral
Wal-Tussin Ped Cough & Cold Oral
Wal-Tussin Cough & Cold Oral
Tussin Cough-Cold-Chest Oral
Triacting Chest & Nasal Cong Oral
J-MAX Oral
Infant Decongestant & Cough Oral
Z-DEX Pediatric Oral
Z-Dex Oral
TUSNEL New Formula Oral
Robitussin Cough & Cold Oral
Robitussin PE Head & Chest Oral
Pseudoephedrine-DM Tannates-GG Oral
Z-Cof 12 DM Tannate Oral
Pseudo Cough Oral
PE HCl&Tan-Carbetapent Cit&Tan Oral
Nariz Oral
Tusnel C Oral
Phenylephrine-DM Tannates-GG Oral
Tusso-XR Oral
Chest Congestion Relief PE Oral
Biotuss Oral
Chest-Sinus Congestion Relief Oral
Tussin CF Cough-Cold Oral
Triacting Cough & Cold Oral
PediaCare Children's Cold Oral
Refenesen PE Oral
Fenesin PE IR Oral
SudaTex-DM Oral
Allres Pd Oral
Wal-Tussin Cough & Cold CF Oral
Z-Tuss DM Oral
Maxifed-G CD Oral
Maxifed DM (IR) Oral
Maxifed-G (IR) Oral
Phenylephrine-Codeine Oral
Phenylephrine-Dihydrocodeine Oral
Maxifed CDX Oral
Maxifed-G CDX Oral
Giltuss TR Oral
Maxiphen CDX Oral
Maxiphen CD Oral
Ala-Hist AC Oral
Deconex DMX Oral
Ambifed DM Oral
Ambifed Oral
Ambifed-G (IR) Oral
Ambifed-G DM (IR) Oral
Ambifed-G CD Oral
Ambifed-G CDX Oral
Ambifed CD Oral
Ambifed CDX Oral
Pseudoephed-Chlophedianol-GG Oral
Biotuss Pediatric Oral
Despec NR Oral
Liquibid PD-R Oral
Ambi 10PEH-400GFN-20DM Oral
Ambi 10PEH-400GFN Oral
Respaire-30 Oral
Mucus Relief D Oral
Tenar PSE Oral
Guiatex PE Oral
Chest Congestion Relief D Oral
Aquatab C Oral
Tussi-Pres PE Oral
Supress-PE Oral
ExeClear-DM Oral
SudaTex G Oral
ExeFen DMX Oral
Despec-Tab Oral
TG 10PEH-380GFN Oral
TG 10PEH-380GFN-15DM Oral
TG 45PSE-400GFN Oral
TG 45PSE-400GFN-15DM Oral
Trispec Dex Oral
Sudafed PE Sinus Oral
Bronchial Asthma Relief Oral
BP 8 Cough Oral
Lusair Oral
Safetussin CD Oral
EndaCof-DC Oral
Notuss-PE Oral
Children's Sudafed PE Cough Oral
Pediacare Multi-Symptom Cold Oral
Pseudoephedrine-Chlophedianol Oral
Zotex-EX Oral
Congest-Eze Oral
Congest-Eze PE Oral
ExeFen-IR Oral
Zodryl DEC 25 Oral
Zodryl DEC 30 Oral
Zodryl DEC 35 Oral
Zodryl DEC 40 Oral
Zodryl DEC 50 Oral
Zodryl DEC 60 Oral
Zodryl DEC 80 Oral
Carbetapentane Cit-Pseudoe HCl Oral
Pseudoephed-Carbetapentane-GG Oral
Phenyleph-Dihydrocodeine-Guaif Oral
Donatuss DC Oral
Biogil Oral
Bionel Oral
Bionel Pediatric Oral
Biobron SF Oral
Bio-Tussi Pediatric Oral
Bio-Tussi Oral
OneTab Congestion & Cough Oral
Poly-Tussin EX Oral
Lortuss EX Oral
Adult Robitussin Cough-Cold D Oral free discount card

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