These pills are white and round with one side scored and the other side has a line that has a dip in it. From all 4 angles, the dip could look like a “u” or a “2” or a “d” or a “b”. It is about 1/2 Inch in diameter and 1/8 inch thick and the pill body pillows out a bit from the edges. The scoring to half the pill is fairly prominent but that is all that is on that side and the other side, as described, looks like a logo but I can’t find one it matches. If you hold the pill withthe line vertical, there is a straight line 1/4 of the way down, then the lower case “d” that doesn’t quite close and then a straight line displaced slightly left taking up a little more than half of the logo. Turn it around and it’s a “p” at the bottom. Turn it horizontally and it looks like a “u” or a “2”. If you can help me, thanks!