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Which pills work I read about bontril slow release and Phendimetrazine Tartrate? whats better?

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Inactive 21 Jul 2012

Hello mary1023. Both work much in the same manner. There is no major difference in the two. Best of wishes, pledge

bumblebee90 21 Jul 2012

Afternoon Pledge. Internet was down for a couple of days, and have been very ill. I'm slowly getting better. Been a rough road though. Oh well, You can't keep a good man down. lol Hope things are well with you, and you're enjoying you're summer. I'm sure you're still grilling up a storm. You take care, and will talk to you soon. Ruthie

Inactive 21 Jul 2012

Hello Ruthie. Sorry to hear that. I know that you've pain issues and that takes a toll. Hopefully you'll be feeling stronger and pain free. I am doing well thanks. No grilling today, but tomorrow, yup :-0) lots of good stuff to put my talents to. Chicken, brats, along with yellow neck squash, tomatoes, onions (all wrapped up in foil) etc. No steaks because we ended up going out to a steak house the other day so, I'll pass. One day you and your family might pay us a visit, we've lots of room, plenty of property to explore, and you and your husband can go for long walks and be private, take time for yourselves. Who knows! Going to say adios, pledge has written another speech! Bye bye ruthie, good to see you posting.

bumblebee90 21 Jul 2012

We would love a vacation. We always go to Arkansa to see our children and family who live up there. Up there is right? lol But I hear you're neck of the woods isn't too shabby of a place either. Actually quite beautiful. Me and my hubby love nature and seeing beautiful sights. Before my back got so bad, we were big into camping and canoeing. We are very confident that someway... somehow we will find a way to better my condition, at least enough to where I can enjoy some of the things I use to do. You can tell I haven't been online lately... I'm writing a book. lol. Later. Ruthie free discount card

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