muscle spasms are daily, roughly 20 times or more and usually involve contorting legs, feet, arms, face and hands. My neck twists so bad it feels like it could break. I guess my whole body is affected, they last about 10-30 seconds and sometimes bring me to the ground, I literally have to spasm on the ground sometimes or I'll fall, it's happened :( immediately afterwards I can move better, more normal; until it happens again. first remeber having them is around twelve years old. I don't have insurance and spent a lot of money just going to two doctors. i am unemployed and can't afford to waste more money, the first dr. didn't even know anything about spasms.
it's terrifying having to think about going back into the work force, it's been two years and my condition feels like it's getting worse. i was fired when i spilled a thousand dollar bucket of freshly mixed paint (i worked for a custom autobody shop), it was caused by a severe spasm but i pleaded clumsiness and they went for it. im only able to pay rent and power now with state unemp.ins. im 25 and have no other health issues, the doctors said I was fine, seem completely healthy, until i showed them video of my condition, one saw first hand. i appear healthly, until i spasm. then it looks like i'm insane, on drugs or dying (just a couple of comments i've heard about me). truley sorry for the long explanation. Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly. Thank you. Dan K.