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Which medication has less side effects for elderley zopiclone or temazepam?

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Thor283 14 Nov 2011

Hey Maxine,

Are you spelling these words correctly? Zopiclone is called Tegretol in the USA and it is an anti convulsive drug also used to calm people down and control aggression. Temazepam is an addictive Benzodiazepine drug and is primarily used for sleep. Although very low doses may also calm someone down. It seems odd you are asking about them as a comparison. I have to say for long term use Zopiclone may be better because it isn't physically habit forming. But it would have more side effects. It is a much stronger drug. It can also effect memory badly when used long term. Temazepam would have less side effects, but if it is withdrawn abruptly the person can have seizures and other nasty withdrawal symptoms. But since you are asking about an elderly person, maybe addiction isn't an issue. The person may have a very short life expectancy. But still. In the USA many docs will not give something like Temazepam, causing the elderly person to go into withdrawal. In the USA the doc's don't care. They feel you deserve it for taking an addictive med. So think about that. If it is for anxiety, and you aren't worried about addiction, Ativan would be best. It's another Benzo. Or have I misunderstood the point of the question? free discount card

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