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Which is the best suitable medicine to overcome constipation?

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skii 24 Nov 2010

Merilax,over the counter i think i spelled it right.I used it through pain meds ,it works without cramps.

annatfultz 24 Nov 2010

U can get miralax for abt ten dollars and mix it with anything and it had no taste or grittiness. I take it 2 times a day. And I never thought this would help but I eat 2 cups of Dannon Activia everyday and it tastes great and works wonders. When u get yourself regulated I would continue this regimen and u could add a stool softner, and benefiber added to your diet will help u stay that way. GOOD LUCK. I KNOW HOW UNCOMFORTABLE THIS FEELS.

youneverknow 24 Nov 2010

This sounds crazy but I had been on opioids and suffered chronic constipation for over two years. I usesd of variety of otc medications ands and found Riesons chocolate covered caramels to work the best. Chew 5 or 6 and swallow while slightly Whole with a glass of warm water. It really works, just brush your teeth well.

ladyd60 27 Mar 2011

I take pertermine and it make me real constipated how can I stop being this way

takecareindian 19 Jun 2012

stimulant laxative+stool softner(like lactulose solution) free discount card

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