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Which is strongest Lortab 10-500, or Lortabs 10-325 ?

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LaurieShay 20 Dec 2011

They both contain the same amount of hydrocodone which is the 10mg while the second number is the amount of acetaminophen, 500mg in the one and 325mg in the other. Therefore, they are the same in regard to the opiate pain reliever and the one with 500mgs acetaminophen would be stronger than the 325mg pill.

geekygranny 20 Dec 2011

Yet 500mg is MORE dangerous to the liver. 10/325mg is much safer. The difference you won't feel.

LaurieShay 20 Dec 2011

The maximum amount of acetaminophen for 24 hours should not exceed 4,000 mgs or 1,000mgs four times a day.

Buddy1971 20 Dec 2011

I agree. If 2.5 mg of Hydrocodone doesn't bother you you might think of taking Vicoprofin7.5 hydro/200 ibuprofen which doesn't damage your liver like tylonol can

vb2mobile 20 Dec 2011

Thanks you guys that is just what I needed too know

vb2mobile 20 Dec 2011

Thanks you, very much, and this a great site I hope you enjoy it as much as I do... Ossie Buchannon Jr..

Buddy1971 20 Dec 2011

I just thought I'd add one more thing if ibuprofen doesn't bother your stomach,it doesnt bother mine whatsoever even over 800mg so mabey your doctor would't mind upping your Hydrocodone by 5mg & give you 2 Vicoprofin instead of the 10mg Hydrocodone with the Tylonol which if your having to take many times a day which I don't care what anyone says is just not good for your liver & most people who have problems with ibuprofen is it bothers there stomach,not actully damage maybe a vital organ,I think the benifits are worth it,also your doctor could if there worried about the extra 5mg of Hydrocodone,she/he could lower it if your taking 3 to 2 & it would equal out the same 30mg of hydro,so your not upping the narcotic drug,just eliminating the liver killing(IN MY OPINION) Tylonol. Just something to think about.

mrsheart 18 Mar 2014

why did they take the 10-500

mrsheart 18 Mar 2014

why did they take the 10-500 off the market

LaurieShay 19 Mar 2014

To decrease the chance of acetaminophen poisoning.

grace813 22 Oct 2014

People get poisoned all the time with over the counter acetaminophen. 800 mg Ibuprofen is as bad. Why not restrict all over the counter meds? free discount card

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