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Which is stronger percocet or vicodin?

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5 Jul 2011

Different people will give you different answers. Some feel Vicodin is stronger, some feel percocet is. The government puts drugs into schedules depending on the abuse potential. Percocet has oxycodone as its active opioid ingredient along with acetaminophen. Oxycodone is a schedule 2 drug which has a higher abuse potential. Vicodin contains hydrocodone as the active opioid ingredient along with acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is a schedule 3 drug which has moderate abuse potential. So the oxycodone is considered to be the stronger drug with the higher abuse potential. However that doesnt mean that Vicodin cant be abused. It is actually one of the most abused drugs in the US right now. But that could be due to the fact that as a schedule 3 drug it is prescribed more often. Both drugs are very good at relieving pain, so it is really a matter of preference as to which works better for one individual.

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