have been taking 200mg a day x every 4-6 of Nucynta orange 100's for about six months. I am 5'4 220lb 42 year old female.The medicine worked very good 6 months ago, still works, but not long enough, and break through pain is stronger and returns faster, and I consider my dose strong. Side effects for me are dizziness=mild, thirst=severe,voice change=severe, sleepiness=mild, aggitation=increased enough to have to say Im sorry. Also a strange eye problem kind of feels like my eyes are yawning, but I am not yawning. If you have ever taken Oxcycotin and Nucynta (not at same time) which one is better in your opinion? I have never taken Oxy I hear bad things about it,I am concerned about tolorence,dont know what to ask the DR to give me?