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Which is stronger hydroco/apap7.5-325m or hydrocoapap 5-500m?

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21 Oct 2010

I am sorry but i have no experience with that medication.

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21 Oct 2010

well as far as the pain killer in the medication the hydrocondone apap 7.5 is stronger because it has 7.5 mg of hydrocodone in it compared to the 5mg in the 5-500 hydrocodone/apap7.5-325 is known as norco extra strength and the 5-500 is known as regular vicodin the apap in the medication refers to Tylenol which the 7.5 has 325 mg of Tylenol in each pill and the vicodin has 500mg of Tylenol in each pill

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27 Oct 2010

the 7.5 is stronger and yes its norco but there is a stronger norco as well the 10/325 the second number is just the mg of tylenol in it.

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22 Dec 2011


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