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Which is more, 1 gram or 1 milligram?

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Inactive 12 Jan 2011

The answer to your query is 1 gram.
Best regards.

Donehead 13 Jan 2011

1gram is larger than 1milligram, as one liter to one milliliter or put it this way it takes 16 ounces to make a pound, so milligram is the ounces as gram is the pound.

christineATU 14 Jan 2011

Huh? I never did get the metric BTW, it wasn't I who gave you the thumbs down. Why would I when I don't understand what you said??

Donehead 16 Jan 2011

I was just giving an example to the question.I hoped it would be easier to understand if there was an example, sorry. Maybe i explain to much. lol

christineATU 16 Jan 2011

Don't worry. It's me not you...

marjorie zych 14 Jan 2011

1 gram is bigger, 1 milligram is only a part of a gram. Hope this helps, marjorie zych free discount card

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