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Which is better for pain hydrocodone-apap 10-325 or 10-500?

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9 Mar 2011

How severe is the pain? What type of injury, if can't answer, that is o.k. I am 5'2" about 127 and it took me 500mg, but never had to request this amount due to type and severity of the injuries. 2 can last up to 15-24 hours... I would most certainly go with the 10/500... I've had alot of expereience on this drug and can say it probably is my favorite pain med above many other's... It works... Blaze22

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9 Mar 2011

Hey meanski,

The major difference between these two meds is the amount of acetominophen (tylenol) in them. The 10/50 has 500 mgs acetominophen while the 10/325 has 325 mgs of acetominophen. The additional acetominophen may give you a little more pain relief. The nice thing about the 10/325 formula is you can take upto three at a time and not get too much acetominophen. You can only take 2 at a time of the 10/500's. Of course, only take the prescribed amount by the doctor of this medication.

Hope this helps,

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9 Mar 2011

There's very little difference between the two. The '10' refers to the amount of Hydrocodone in milligrams, the '325' or '500' refers to the amount of acetaminophen, in milligrams. The only difference is about one-half of a regular strength Tylenol pill, which probably would not do much for you unless you are very sensitive to it. Do be careful how much acetaminophen you consume in a day though - the less, the better for your liver. Personally I would choose the 10/325 as there is such a little difference in help with the pain, and it has less acetaminophen which is better for your body.

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