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Which is best treated first, excruciating pain or depression & anxiety caused by the pain?

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caringsonbj 12 May 2011

this is just an opinion but to be in constant Chronic Pain and not having relief aggravates anxiety, depression, inability to eat, sleep, deal with lifes problems, getting conntrol of severe is at least a step in the right direction, I think it's best to try and treat one problem at a time, one medication at a time, keeping a written log of how bad it is, what works and what does not is a big plus, find a doctor you can trust and that you can talk with, it also helps to be able to open up to a doctor who will give of him/herself if they listen to one then they will want to generally listen to other problems. I hope I have been a bit of help

DzooBaby 12 May 2011

I couldnt have said it better Billy!

the trippster 12 May 2011

your pain,,if you dont take care of ur pain u will never mentaly or physicaly feel like dealing with your depression or other issues,im speaking from experience only and hope your able to win both your battles! Good luckk brother !

brenda fain 13 May 2011

it all fits in together ,pain causes depression ,which causes anxiaty!so all of these need to really be meet!as you get one eased ,the others get just a little better!i have all three too ,was on pain meds for a while and realized i was depressed because my life was different due to pain,when i went for depression the doc thought it best for me to be on something for anxiaty and i agree !i still have my bad days but meds do help me feel better most days!

jbell23 13 May 2011

I would say that you need to address the pain issues first and find what works for you personally. Also, I would tell you that opiate pain killers such as vicodin or percocet should be a last resort because they can end up causing more problems in the future and do more harm than good in the end. Try to research and find some alternatives to narcotic painkillers such as exercise and a good diet.

Inactive 13 May 2011

Hello ace-rick. In answer to your question I might have to say the pain. I think that when that leaves you, you would have less stress, anxiety and you would most probably feel physically stronger and not feel so down and out. Irregardless, get well soon. best of wishes.

Inactive 14 May 2011

If the pain iis properly treated , the other problems should go away.

pickles503 14 May 2011

A very long time ago, I met a counselor who showed me a cool method of making it easy for a person to find out where their balance is. After 40 years, I still have a reality check by following his theory. Here goes: Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, one being the lowest, in the following areas; Physically. Emotionally. Socially. Spiritually. You'll know the answer to this question by doing this. Maybe not. I sure as beans benefited. Get a pen and paper out and divide it into those four categories. PESS pysically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Ask yourself gee, how would I rate myself in this area? This will provoke thought. Ex: Physically I would rate myself 1 because I have so much pain. Emotionally I would rate myself 5 because I know that I am about to watch my daughter and her cat walk out my door and move into their own place. You get the point. You'll see. Can't hurt to try. Huh? I've made some very important decisions based on this theory. Isn't that why your seeking wisdom? I prayed for you. pickles503

Tomba 17 May 2011

I'm no doc, but experienced your situation. I treated all at once. Started paxil & ms contin. If depression wasn't treated, I'd tend to use pain meds to feel better rather than for pain. Not good. I would get suicidal on just one or the other, and also run out of pain meds early. I've found that being honest with the docs worked well. Any pain doc understands the corilation between the two, but if you don't express yourself they'll never know. (I gave up telling "little" lies; I give them both barrels.) If they can't help, ask for a 2,3 month supply of pain meds & get another doc. You don't want a person so closed minded anyway.
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