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Which insurance company will cover Savella?

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JTOTTEN 12 Oct 2010

I got the replacement drug for it known as "Venlafaxine" and it has epinephrine and serotonin just like Savella and Effexor.

My insurance covers the Venlafaxine.

Hope this helps!

if you do find one that covers it, please let me know. i am on medicaid right now and they dont cover lyrica or savella for fibro because there is no generic form of it out yet. from what i have heard, it could be up to 10 yrs before lyrica's patent runs out so there will be a generic. the dr put me on effexor xr for my depression and neurotin (gabapentin) for the fibro. keep in touch. if i find any insurance companies to cover it, i will let you know. i have heard about people qualifying for free lyrcia. im not quite sure how its done, or where you would even apply. i guess we'd just have to google it. or you can just ask the question on here. i know someone will no it because this site is where i heard it from. i just cant remember which member told me about it. have a great day. good luck with the fibro battle. xoxo

tglidewell 13 Oct 2010

venlafaxine is the generic of Effexor XR. Savella and Effexor are not the same drug. I am on 100mg of Savella a day and 75mg of Effexor XR (venlafaxine). I have been on Effexor forever, but my fibro issues were not better until I started on Savella. I love Savella. My insurance pays for it, but I work for a hospital and have my insurance through them. I have to pay a higher deductible for it than I do generics, but I am still able to get it. I know my Mom is on the Embrel shot and it is one that her insurance doesn't cover. Our Rheumatologist helped her out by going through the manufacturer. She (Dr) said it is always possible to get help for at least a year through the drug company. You might just try to press your doctor a little further and tell them you can't afford it. Also, some insurance companies will at least pay half of a script if the doctor sends them a letter explaining why THAT particular drug is needed and no others will work.

saw2112 29 Dec 2010

I have Oxford insurance, through United Healthcare. They cover Savella; though it's not a "preferred drug" so for me that means a higher ($50) copay. free discount card

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