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Which drugs are available in market used for gastrointestinal tract disorder during 2008-2010?

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Marvell 10 Mar 2011

What sort of gastrointestinal disorder are you referring to? And there are so many types/classes of medicines for gastrointestinal conditions it would be impossible to state all of them.

ANKITAMIN 11 Mar 2011

H2 receptor antagonists, H+-k+- ATPase inhibitors, Antacids

DzooBaby 11 Mar 2011

There are many many in these classes. Is there a reason you are asking that might help us narrow down what you are looking for? Are you trying to find a medicne you used to take? Try to add some more information for what you are looking for. Pretty much all the meds in those classes that are available now were available then.

overdrive182 21 Aug 2014

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