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Which drug is more effective when women is pregnant and u want to stop prenancy?

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puckiemull 22 Aug 2011

Hi swatkpk.
You are pregnant and want to abort your pregnancy?? You will have to go to your family planning centre and discuss it with them,they will be able to tell you what your options are or go to your doc and he/she will guide you from there.
Depending on how long you are in your pregnancy,if its early on they can give you a pill that will terminate your pregnancy,if you are past the stage that that is possible then they will put you through the procedure.
You must check with your doc or family planning,there is'nt a drug of choice you can just take to stop your pregnancy,you will need professional help for this!
Hope this helps,all the best for what you decide to do.
Do take care pls and go to the professionals with this q!! free discount card

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