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Which 10mg Vicodin is the best for back pain and artheritis?

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DzooBaby 24 Jun 2011

A 10mg Vicodin is a 10mg Vicodin (as far as the 10mg of hydrocodone). Some of the preparations may have different combinations of acetaminophen in them but it really doesnt matter much as far as what you take. It just depends on whether or not a lower or higher acetaminophen dose works better for you. Keep in mind that acetaminophen in high doses can be toxic to your liver and you should take no more than 4000mg total daily dose (3000mg if you consume alcohol at all) so if you will be taking frequently or on a long term basis you might want to choose a preparation with a lower mg of acetaminophen. Unfortunately, in the US, hydrocodone is not available without being in a combo with acetaminophen so you are dose limited by the acetaminophen.

DzooBaby 24 Jun 2011

If you can take ibuprofen, Vicoprofen might be good to take as it is a combo of hydrocodone and ibuprofen which will work as an anti-inflammatory where acetaminophen is NOT an anti-inflammatory. Vicoprofen might work best for both the back pain and arthritis.

kiddrick421 25 Jun 2011

I did not know that vicoprophen was an option. Thank you.

gplayer 14 Feb 2013

I also did not know there was such a med called vicoprofen, must do some research. acetaminophen seems useless in my case free discount card

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