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Where do I go to get my back checked out?

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MARIJO48867 7 Sep 2009

Do you have a regular physician? If not you need to get a family physician. That is the fist step. Once you have an appointment with them, they will be able to order tests done, such as a MRI, X-ray, etc. If the MRI shows there is a problem, he will probably send you for physical therapy, or to a back Dr. You can also go to an Emergency Room for the pain, but I advise the 1st one. A question for you, do you have health insurance? Sadly, but true quality of care and tests ordered depends on it. Also, how long have you had the back pain, and did you recently have any type of injury to your back? Good luck.

Robert_325 7 Sep 2009

Depends what is wrong. If you don't have a family dr you would probably want to see an Orthopedic dr or an Internist first. They will find what is wrong or refer you to the dr you need.

itsjustashotaway 25 Sep 2009

Back Pain is diagnosed only by Neuroligists. He will first put you through a series of tests such as walking ,bending from side to side,walking on your toes,touching your toes from alternate sides etc. These tests can easily weed out fakers just trying to obtain drugs. If he thinks you may have a real problem he will send you for an X-Ray first. If this shows nothing you will be given an MRI which does not lie.If your problem can be fixed by Surgery he will recommend it. If Surgery is not a viable alternative you will be sent to a pain Mngmt. Doctor who will prescribe medication for you. free discount card

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