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Where can I purchase Adipex-p from?

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Inactive 20 Mar 2011

Legally you need an rx from a doctor, some clinics also dispense it, but you have to see their doctor. I want to caution you about trying to purchase adipex online. You may see some advertised but you may not get the medicine, you may get a fake pill that looks like it, get ripped off completely or get a letter from the DEA or US customs agency saying they seized your shipment and can prosecute you. They do monitor those sites. Check with a diet clinic near you, they aren't really that expensive, and the clinic can legally prescribe these.

Yesterday 21 Mar 2011

Are you able to help me locate a diet clinic? I'm sure my doctor won't prescribe these tablets, so ideally I would like to go to a clinic, BUT I wouldn't know how to begin finding one? Hopefully you will be able to help me.

Inactive 23 Mar 2011

Sorry it took so long to answer, I don't have a pc at home and didn't see it til I got to bf's. If I were you and I were looking for one locally, try either asking around at a gym or the pharmacy near you. They are popping up everywhere now, some doctors do this as a side line second office. They are listed in our phone book under weight loss and diet centers. They usually have names like medi-fast and medi weight loss. Try googling it for your area.

Yesterday 25 Mar 2011

Thank you, I will try google. I will let you know WHEN I hopefully find somewhere! free discount card

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