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Where can I get free samples of Singuliar and edluar and celexa?

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blaze22 3 Mar 2011

There are many ways that you can try new medications, with these types of meds, the options would probably be this... go see a psychiatrist, preferably or M.D. many a time they carry samples of these in their office and you do not pay for them and this is after you have been acessed by a professional and what is going to work for you best... also they have clinical trials that you can take part in and you can look this information up and maybe through the FDA, again no payment towards the medicines... If you are diagnosed and you were put on psych med's, Wal-Mart's across the nation have programs set up so that you can get your medicine for just 4 dollars as long as it is on the list... and you only pay 4 dolloars... in all family of medicines... now other pharmacies do have the same program but you have to do your homework, but it is worth it... I am on Celexa/Klonopin and the price of those, both were reduced, and the Celexa 4$... check into it... will get back with you... lil groupie''''blaze22

LaurieShay 3 Mar 2011


I just googled "singulair coupons" and found numerous site that offer coupons for this med. I also googled "edluar coupons" and "celexa coupons" and found sites for these as well.

Give it a try, and see what is available.

Good luck,


caringsonbj 3 Mar 2011

just wondering my mothers physician no longer see's drug represenitives in his office, in the practice where I go my doctor teaches in Indianapolis so she therefore does not see them but her physicians in the practice with her do and for that reason I asked her primary RN why they did she said they kept all 3 of the doctors stocked with samples of medication and also they were there to educate the doctor's on new types of medication. when they see a patient who either does not have insurance or a similar reason they supply them with samples of these drugs, in some cases these patients would not be able to afford medications after the office visit, they even have days when they just stock up the doctors medicine shelves, I think it is a bit different than in the days when patients waited while the drug represenitive got in ahead of them now the schedule time when they are not seeing patients. I am sure there are more reasons than just this but this is what I was able to find out from the doctor's office which I see. hope this is of help to you

marjorie zych 4 Mar 2011

If you are having problems getting your medication you can try the site I listed here they have helped me get meds hope this helps, marjorie zych
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