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Where can I find dmt... Im going thru major withdrawals I have been hospitalized everyday?

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oktoday 24 Jun 2010

I am curious if you have been hospitalized every day why arent they admitting you for dextox. DMT is very dangerous and can cause permantent brain damage, you need to stay off this stuff. I have seen people as young as 22 have permanent brain damage from this by taking to much. Get yourself in detox and get support. You dont need that crap. Take care of yourself and let me know how you are doing for real.

Mia Bella 22 Jun 2011

My son is withdrawing and they haven't admitted him either.. its been HELL

999nicegirl 20 Sep 2011

From what I've heard and read online DMT is not going to help you with withdrawal from another drugs withdrawal. Unless your withdrawal is because of DMT? I didn't think it was addicting. I know this post is from 2010 so hope I hear back super curious

bakedcatfrog 9 Jul 2013

are you stupid? how would dmt cause brain damage when it is produced by you brain if they got brain damage from smoking dmt its because the person they got it from made it from phalaris or something that has gramine free discount card

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