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Where can I find a dr. in gallia or lawerance co.oh... and not waiting for 6mos to be seen?

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Inactive 20 Aug 2011

One way would be to go to the webpage and look for the dr locator service on the here to help page. The other way would be to go to a couple of pharmacies and ask the pharmacists what drs are legal to write an rx for suboxone in those areas.

Jillynnie 20 Aug 2011

Hi Hatespills,
I am here in Texas so I can't refer you to one in you area. May I ask a few questions? This is not to get personal, but to just have an idea of where you are coming from in your question. Are you new to the area or are you currently on suboxone? I was referred to my suboxone doctor by my neurologist. It was a very pleasant experience, but I have heard tales of other members finding it difficult to locate a physician that is qualified to dispense subs or some that don't even have them in their area. I would suggest talking with your PCP, but if you don't wish to do so, or don't have one, then try googling for a clinic in your area. The reason I ask if you are currently on the medication is actually two-fold. If you are on the med, then you may be able to have your previous doctor get a referral to your area. If you are not and need to search for one online, it is very important for you to find a physician that is licensed in working specifically with this drug. There are WAY too many doctors that have the medication, but not really a clue as to how to manage or dispense it and may start you off on the wrong dose. if you wouldn't mind hitting the comment under this post and reply with more info that would help a great deal. You will also find there are many ppl here this site that can help and support you. Welcome, glad to have you here! ~ Jillynnie free discount card

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